Best Pressure Ulcer Prevention Pads

Bestseller No. 1
Wave Medical Premium Alternating Pressure Pad System - Mattress Pad with Ultra Quiet Pump System - Pressure Sore Relief, Ulcer Bed Sore Prevention, Fits Standard Hospital Bed for Bedridden Patients
  • RELIEVE JOINT PAIN AND REDUCE BED SORES – This Wave Medical alternating pressure pad mattress can help relieve painful discomfort by improving circulation, which can reduce bed sores, general aches and pains, and skin ulcers.
  • 130 INDIVIDUAL AIR POCKETS – Designed to inflate and deflate like a gentle wave our bed sore cushion uses exclusive technology and ultra-quiet pump to continuously adjust air pressure between each chamber to relieve direct pressure against the skin.
  • AUTO ADJUSTING PRESSURE LEVELS – A smart, customizable bed sores treatment for bedridden patients or those on hospice care our pressure mattress for bed sores supports the back, back, shoulders, and body more effectively (up to 300 lbs.).
Bestseller No. 2
MedVance Premium Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad with Ultra Quiet Alternating Pump | Pressure Sore and Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Relief | Use on Medical, Hospital, or Standard Bed
  • ULTRA QUIET PUMP: This hospital grade air mattress has an ultra quiet air pump that operates at less than 20 dB. Dual pump cores provide maximum output and an easy to use digital adjustment. Our digital pump with diagnostic alarms allows customization to individual patients’ needs.
  • TWO-CHANNEL ALTERNATING MODE: The Eco mattress alternates every 6 minutes; This action supports the body while inflating and relaxes the body while deflating. This action is intended to reduce stress on the user's body.
  • HELPS ALLEVIATE BED SORES AND ULCERS: The Eco mattress provides relief from bed sores and ulcers resulting from extended bedrest. The alternating pressure created by the mattress encourages increased circulation and helps to relieve pressure spots. It provides strong support and comfort that is perfect for immobilized patients who may have trouble regularly shifting their weight.
Bestseller No. 3
KerraPro Heel Silicone Pressure Reducing Pads (KPRO30) – Comfortably Protect Skin by Redistributing and Dissipating Pressure at Contact Points for Pressure Ulcer Prevention, (Box of 2)
  • TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF: These silicone pressure reducing pads redistribute pressure between the skin and contact points such as a bed or another body part, dissipating the pressure over the pad’s surface for effective pressure ulcer prevention.
  • SILICONE STRENGTH: Durable KerraPro pressure reducing pads are made from 100% silicone for a flexible fit. The stable silicone construction resists compression to help provide comfortable, odorless pressure ulcer prevention between contact points.
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: Designed for use on intact or recently healed skin only, KerraPro silicone pressure ulcer pads can be easily cut to a custom size or shape and applied to a wide range of areas for a comfortable, flexible fit.
Bestseller No. 4
Apex Medical Domus 1 Replacement Alternating Pressure Pad- Pressure Ulcers Prevention & Bed Sore Treatment- Fits Hospital & Home Beds (Sold as Pressure Pad ONLY)
  • Replacement Pad for Apex Medical Domus 1 system- Easily replace your damaged alternating pressure pad
  • Replacement kit includes alternating pressure pad with anti-sliding flaps, dual inflation tubes
  • 130 pcs medical grade PVC air bubbles alternatively inflate and deflate through consistent airflow to create a therapeutic support surface, effectively reducing pressure on the body for exceptional comfort.
Bestseller No. 5
Vive Alternating Pressure Mattress 5" - Air Topper Pad for Bed Sore, Ulcer Prevention, Bedridden Treatment - Inflatable, Quiet Alternative Cover - Fits Hospital Bed - Includes Electric Pump System
  • ALLEVIATES PRESSURE SPOTS AND BEDSORES: Designed to be used in the prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers, spots and bedsores, the 5” alternating pressure mattress is made up of 16 sealed air chambers that utilize a variable pressure pump to alleviate pressure points on patients or loved ones who have limited mobility or are bedfast.
  • VARIABLE PRESSURE AND FIRMNESS: Customize the overall amount of air pressure for personal comfort with the pressure dial located on the pump. Adjust the setting from soft to firm depending on your own personal preference.
  • ULTRA-QUIET PUMP: The variable pressure pump is ultra-quiet to ensure a peaceful rest. Easy to adjust, the pump displays current air pressure firmness ensuring settings remain consistent. The pressure pump has two non-marking hooks that allow the pump to be easily attached to the foot of the bed.
Bestseller No. 6
PURAP Bedsore Mattress Pad - Pressure Sore Prevention & Treatment - Pressure Relief Fluid 3D Flotation Technology - 38 x 12 x 3 inches
  • HELPS PREVENT PRESSURE SORES – PURAP mattress overlay eliminates high pressure hotspots that create pressure sores
  • HELPS HEAL EXISTING ADVANCED STAGE SORES – PURAP dissipates pressure and prevents skin shear. This helps heal existing pressure sores
  • EFFECTIVE AT ALL ANGLES ON YOUR EXISTING MATTRESS – The PURAP overlay is to be used on top of your existing hospital or home mattress and is effective at all angles of resting
Bestseller No. 7
Repose Contur Inflatable Air Cushion for Recliner Chair - Prevention and Relief of Bed Sores, Pressure Ulcers - Manual Pump
  • THE IDEAL CLINICALLY PROVEN ALL DAY BEDSORE CHAIR CUSHION FOR: Pressure Care, Pressure Sore Treatment, Pressure Reduction, Pressure Injury, Head To Toe Pressure Ulcer Prevention For The Elderly & More.
  • THE PINNACLE IN COMFORTING, SOOTHING RELIEF & REJUVINATING REST FOR SITTING LONG HOURS: 50+ years of experience has culminated in peak immersion and envelopment as the medical grade cushion surrounds you in a warming embrace, melting away pain.
  • SUPERIOR TO MEMORY FOAM & GEL AS THE PRECISION SMART-VALVE MANUAL PUMP ACHIEVES IDEAL INFLATION, EVERY TIME: Gently floating on a bed of air is nature’s preferred solution to fight friction, shear & pressure so you can rest peacefully.
Bestseller No. 8
Compression Elbow Brace, Adjustable Elbow Pad to Relieve Pain, Elbow Brace Support Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Sports Protection(Green)
  • Elbow Injury Care: Elbow braces can accelerate recovery by providing care and warmth during rehabilitation from an elbow injury. It can also provide decompression of the elbow and prevention of pressure sores for people who are bedridden for long periods of time.
  • Elbow Protection: The elbow support brace provides good protection by wrapping the elbow joint in all directions, and also prevents secondary impacts on the injured elbow in daily life and reduces pain.
  • Hook And Loop: Elbow support brace combined with mechanics and ergonomics, using H-shaped design, the inner surface of the hook and loop design, good adhesion, easy to adjust the elasticity, can be tightly fit the arm, not easy to slip off.
Bestseller No. 9
MedVance Comfort Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Pad with Ultra Quiet Alternating Pump (Mattress & Pump only) | Pressure Sore/Ulcer Prevention and Relief | Use on Medical, Hospital, or Standard Bed
  • ULTRA QUIET PUMP: This hospital grade air mattress has an ultra quiet air pump that operates at less than 20 dB. Dual pump cores provide maximum output and an easy to use digital adjustment. Our digital pump with diagnostic alarms allows customization to individual patients’ needs.
  • HOSPITAL GRADE NYLON COVER: The removable quilted poly PU cover ensures premium patient comfort. It is water resistant and easy to clean and maintain. The cover has an anti slip coating, and attached to the bed frame with adjustable straps.
  • SAFE, FAST & EASY: This mattress and pump system is simple to use and inflates quickly. This product also contains ab emergency CPR function that lets you deflate the mattress within a second by pulling the red tag.
Bestseller No. 10
DMI Natural Sheepskin Medical Bed Mattress, Sheepskin for Bed Sores, Pressure Pad, Wool Mattress Pad, Bed Sore Prevention, Washable, 8 to 9 Square Feet, Beige
  • This DMI Sheepskin bed pad is effective in helping prevent pressure sore and ulcers, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. It also provides enhanced airflow to maximize your comfort level during a great night sleep
  • The natural sheepskin material comfortably cushions your body in all of the right places, helping you sleep more soundly through the night, like you are sleeping on a cloud.
  • This wool mattress topper is recommended by healthcare professionalsas the preferred surface for pressure ulcer prevention.